H46PRO Academy is a supplementary Brand of H46PRO Boxing League. Providing a platform for Novice boxers to step up into the H46PRO League by providing a safe exciting environment for boxers to flourish across the U.K.

H46PRO Academy is separated in to 6 regions across the Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Boxers will feature on Stand Alone shows and on the Under Card of the H46PRO League Super Series to provide maximum exposure.

Due to popular demand people from a White Collar Boxing or Novice Boxing background have been asking us for quite some time to continue boxing which is great but after that first bout what’s next?


H46PRO Academy wants to be a flag carrier for people looking to make this step up, having been to a lot of poorly run events we feel there is a market in the UK to create a

League format will pit fighters based on their weight and ability and their position in the ranking system, fighters will have to make weight in the traditional format with a proper weigh in 24 hours before the event.

All fighters will wear 14oz gloves certified by our Glove Sponsor Furioso Fight Wear and will also have to reach medical standards for our fight nights.

We pride ourselves on putting together the best experience and the fairest fights. If you feel you have what it takes get in touch with us for more information. Dates/Locations for Trial Days will be out soon.